The Formitalia D Gallery

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The Formitalia D gallery at Inspiration furniture is a collection showcasing 3,500 sqft of some of the most luxurious furniture brands in the world.  From Mercedes-Benz Style, Aston Martin Interiors, Tonino Lamborghini Casa to the Formitalia luxury brand, there is certainly no shortage of innovative furniture pieces designed with no expense spared.
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The Mercedes-Benz Style exhibits streamlined, minimalistic design through the use of aluminum, glass and leather surfaces, bringing aerodynamic design and metallic finishing straight into your living space.

Tonino Lamborghini Casa furniture collection never ceases to impress; through the use of bold and vibrant colors, carbon fiber and kelvar materials, you will find many automotive components embedded in its designs.

Then there is Aston Martin Interiors, a master in luxury automotive interiors itself, which brings to the table equally astonishing pieces that few can match.  By utilizing Alutex fibre and Carbon Fibre materials and leather finishing along with geometrical designs that demand attention, the Aston Martin Interiors collection is one of the most sought after furniture collections in the world.

And last, but not least, the pinnacle of all luxury furniture manufacturers and perhaps the inspiration for the inception of the aforementioned brands, is the Formitalia luxury brand.  Formitalia was founded in 1968 with many of its products characterized by the use of Arabian horses as well as its wide use of exotic materials from ostrich, crocodile prints and genuine leather crafted to perfection.


We are proud to be the first in North America to showcase all four brands under the same roof. Even with the addition of these luxury brands, we are committed to our goal of providing our customers with a wide selection of contemporary furniture at all price points.


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